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When you start experiencing differences on your garage door’s daily perfect routine, it can be a clear indicator that this strong and hardworking part of your home requires maintenance. Here are the common issues and basic Garage Door Repair Olney MD troubleshooting steps and fixes every home or business owner should know:

Common Problems and Fixes


Problem #1 – Misaligned Parts

The springs, rollers, metal tracks, and even the garage door can get misaligned and could possibly require some adjustments to be made. These parts may need to be straightened, repaired, or replaced due to wear and tear or any other reason it can no longer function properly.

Simple Fix:

  • Check for dents and crimps on metal tracks. If there’s any part showing this problem, light hammering will do to straighten it out.
  • Garage Door Springs do the heavy lifting and when misaligned, it either has to be adjusted or replaced.
  • Have a close look at the rollers which may be broken or stuck, and the door itself which can itself become misaligned.

Problem #2 – Build up of Dirt

Accumulated dust and dirt particles can cause your garage door to get stuck. Same goes when there’s grease coating the tracks and rollers.

Simple Fix:

  • Apply some household cleaner then wipe dry. Depending on how tough the build-up is, your garage door rollers and tracks may need some light brushing.
  • Add a lubricant to aid your door in running smoothly again.

Problem #3 – Loose Hardware

As you go about on cleaning your garage door, spot for any loose hardware that may need tightening.

Simple Fix:

  • Due to wear and tear, some parts my require heavy fixing or has to be finally let go for a brand new counterpart.
  • For swing-up doors, see to it that the plates where the spring is mounted is tightly in place.
  • For roll-up doors, check the hinges which hold the garage door together then tighten any loose screws or replace hinges if necessary.

Problem #4 – Garage Door Opener

If your garage door reverses before hitting the floor, gets stuck halfway up or down, or fails to comply with your touch on the remote control or wall switch, then it might be a Garage Door Opener issue.

Simple Fix:

  • Find out if the garage door responds upon operating either the wall switch or remote. If it won’t budge, take into account your Garage Door Opener.
  • First thing that’s often overlooked is to check the batteries. It’s best to always have a backup in your Olney MD 20832 garage, especially in case of power outages.

Problem #5 – Noisy Garage Door

Garage doors tend to be annoying when you drive through in or out of your property with a backdrop of humming or rattling loud sounds, It’s also a nuisance for anyone in the household who might be trying to have a good sleep.

Simple Fix:

  • Check for loose or worn out parts that are in dire need of a replacement, such as old metal rollers.

Knowing these fixes can help save money and minimize panic, but any attempt to fix a garage door must be done with extreme caution. One should be very careful to prevent getting wounded or injured, such as when working with Garage Door Springs and reaching high places. Even the preliminary process of spotting potential problems and causes comes with risks.

It’s best to hire professional Garage Door Repair Olney MD services for optimal safety of everyone involved. Let us know what’s troubling you and have the peace of mind that we’ll do everything on our end to get your garage back in top shape!

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